FUMA Tokens

A Decentralized Anti-Inflation Defi Token

Token Information

Old Contract Address 0x9d872b4a9AaAAb513F41C464BAAF4033cF6c603b
New Contract Address 0x62f06ad3ebda0a6322df7bfe0870348577491ba1


What will the Use of Old FUMA Token?

Old FUMA token will be used to Swap and get new FUMA token.

Visit official website of Fuma finance (https://fuma.finance/) to get the process.

Admin/Team-member of FUMA will never message and ask anything. You must follow the instruction presented to the official website only. If you still need any help, you can post your query to FUMA official telegram group.

If you are not holding your FUMA in your wallet or you have deposited FUMA to any service provider, you just ask him about token swap. Service providers can also swap their Old token and provide you new Token.

Old Contract Address:
New Contract Address:

You can send your FUMA directly to the Official Swap Address given below:
Official Swap Address: 0x7115939DDd80381C3798dd8cbC4B052B5991f439
You will receive new FUMA to the sender address automatically. The process may take few hours.
Note: Don’t send your Old FUMA to any other addresses (including the contract address). You can get New FUMA only if you send your Old FUMA to the Official Swap address.
Official Swap Address: 0x7115939DDd80381C3798dd8cbC4B052B5991f439

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